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Sophia Kelly is an expert about some of the subjects she writes about –  ecological sustainability, queer relationships, and magic. She is sadly not an expert on time travel or goats, although she does read. She works as a technical and content writer and web developer in Vancouver Canada. In addition to writing health and technical documents for organizations, she is a staff writer for for What’s on Queer BC, Gifts for Mystics Magazine and Witching Whole and writes on relationships for Lesbian Quarterly.  She is a singer songwriter and the lead singer in the dyke country band, Bushy Park. She co-founded a Vancouver-based workers’ coop that has been installing solar panels for 17 years. As a Wiccan priestess, she has been studying and teaching energy magic for 30 years. She fixes her own plumbing and competes for couch space with a large tomcat in Vancouver Canada.


Sophia Kelly is the front-woman for the queer country band Bushy Park. She is known for her May West style sassy, comedic style and powerful voice.

As a songwriter-poet she crafts and delivers wholehearted, relateable and powerful stories. 


Over thirty years creating, co-crafting, facilitating and leading Pagan and secular ceremony for people of all faiths and none. 

Ceremony and ritual enrish our lives

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